Client Feature: Yonder Collective

Client Feature: Yonder Collective


We caught up with the inspirational lady behind Yonder Collective, that is Emma Chapman Burnett. As a people person who is both ideas and community focused, she set up these events to create a platform for creatives, freelancers and businesses to connect and build

Emma aims to create a space for inspiration through the people you meet and the environments presented. At the table you can expect to find sparking conversations with like minded people! Every event has a unique theme featuring chosen Creatives in food, styling, photography and other ventures hosted in and by local businesses.

Hi Emma –

Yonder Collective (YC) is a really interesting concept. What made you decide to bring it Bristol?

Thank you! Bristol is definitely a creative and quickly evolving city full of variety and new ideas. There always seems to be new businesses opening and people moving to the city and I don’t think I have ever met so many freelancers! It seemed to the perfect city to set up YC by supporting all that was already happening whilst bringing my flare of creativity and something new.

What made you want to start YC?

– Two main parts really. One was desire and the other need. A desire for something different that could be both inspiring and fun for those who were a part of it and for myself organising it. The second part was need, as a person who only recently discovered a love for photography, food and design ( a hidden creative!) I wanted to meet others who were like minded and shared an appreciation for these and similar things. I have always loved meeting new people however not been a fan of networking events so this seemed like the best of both worlds!

So have you been running events for some time ?

Yes on and off for a several years. However every time I stopped even while abroad studying I always found some kind of event to organise whether it was a friends wedding or a live album recording. Running Yonder Collective has definitely been the favourite as its great building a community rather than just a one off event.

Tell us your favourite Bristol spot to think up ideas ?

Wandering around the streets of Bristol, especially Gloucester road, always brings new inspiration. Can’t forget a little people watching from a coffee shop window though, that always helps.

What and where do you want YC to be in 5 years time?

I would love to have YC in other cities not just Bristol. Little community hubs all over and a way in which people from one city could connect with people from another city too.

It’s not just about the food at your events, but the spaces and environment, how do you go about bringing these aspects together?

I try and always have a theme, something that ties all aspects in together. It is really great to give the same theme to each person involved for example the chef, illustrator and table stylist and see how they all interpret the theme so uniquely. It means there is freedom for each person to bring their style yet remain coherent for those attending. Plus I love finding the best spots and spaces in Bristol so when I am not working I will be out looking for the venues or scrolling instagram and pinterest to gain inspiration for creating the perfect atmosphere.




What do you hope to achieve by bringing together these inspirational creative people?

Several things I couldn’t possibly pick one! I want to support new businesses and freelancers in Bristol and hope they find more work and exposure through being a part of these events. A community, where you connect and meet with people who a year down the road you may be working collaboratively with or going out for brunch as friends. Finally, you would leave inspired, whether its the food, or styling or music or conversation that you would leave with a new idea or thought or love for something.

Do you have any tips for people stuck on ideas or inspiration for a project ?

Bounce your thoughts around with someone else, its always great to have second opinions and often helps us find our original inspiration. Secondly, take a break and do something totally different! Whenever I am stuck I usually have to do something completely random and at some point an idea will come flooding back into my brain when I least expect.

We love the visual aesthetic to YC, especially your Instagram. Whats your main inspiration behind this?

Many other peoples instagram accounts! YC is built up by what ‘people’ not just me like and find inspiring. For example we ask people to use #yondercollective on their inspiring photos and we will feature and showcase them.

Find out more?

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