An exclusive pop-up at Spoke and Stringer with Coconut Chilli

An exclusive pop-up at Spoke and Stringer with Coconut Chilli

Bristol and Virgin StartUp entrepreneur to launch new South Indian curry pots office delivery service

Celebrate with Coconut Chilli and Chase Distillery at Spoke and Stringer with their exclusive pop-up event.

Award-winning, South Indian meal pots manufacturer Coconut Chilli will be hosting an exclusive pop-up event to celebrate the launch of its nationwide office delivery service at Spoke and Stringer on Bristol’s Harbourside on 23rd and 24th August, 2016.

Coconut Chilli head chef, KK Anand, has created a bespoke menu featuring small plates which can be enjoyed with cocktails and drinks created especially for the event by Chase Distillery, with a special focus on their award winning Williams Great British Gin.

The ‘Hill Station’ areas of Southern India, where Coconut Chilli’s food was inspired, have long been known for spectacular parties flowing with excellent food and drink. These high altitude regions where the air is cooler are a legacy of the British Raj, who retreated there during blisteringly hot Indian summers. Coconut Chilli wanted this celebratory pop-up to pay homage to these former days.

Navina Bartlett, Founder and Boss Lady, Coconut Chilli states;

“We wanted to create a unique experience for foodies in the Bristol area – where we originally launched our business at local farmers markets. We have now moved the business predominantly online in order to meet our mission; to enable people to order our fresh authentic, convenience food on demand all over the UK. Whilst being able to now deliver nationwide, the origin of Coconut Chilli’s roots will remain firmly within Bristol. This also allows for ease of delivery for our numerous clients based within local offices. Spoke and Stringer is the perfect location and we’re pleased that local producers, Chase Distillery are involved too.”

Coconut Chilli is not just about Navina’s south Indian roots. The authentic ingredients and processes, such as toasting the spices and the use of fresh herbs and specialist ingredients, such as jaggery, are ones you just can’t find in manufactured pre-made food. For Navina, Coconut Chilli is not just about building a profitable food company – it’s about solving problems within the global food system. Both Coconut Chilli’s innovative brand identity and business model undeniably draws inspiration from their hometown of Bristol – a ‘green’ city that not only has a strong foodie scene but also is fiercely supportive of sustainable business.

Coconut Chilli is proud to be launching this innovative way of thinking in its hometown, a place that inspired Navina and prides itself on quality, locally sourced food with provenance.

Coconut Chilli has been selling their artisan and lovingly prepared meal pots at various food festivals and markets in the South West. Built on this success, Coconut Chilli are now able to deliver all over the UK and excited to launch this for the first time in Bristol.

Kristian Crews, Owner of Spoke and Stringer states;

“We wanted to collaborate with local food companies and Coconut Chilli is the perfect fit for our customers, along with Chase Distillery who are based close by in Herefordshire. We strongly believe in only partnering with other businesses that share the same drive, values and passion for their craft.”

To pre-book tickets email

Only 50 tickets available – £25 per head

Ticket prices include 1 Chase Distillery pre-dinner cocktail, 6 small plates and dessert.

Tickets go on sale on 1st August.


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