Client Feature: The Nurturists Co

Client Feature: The Nurturists Co

We can all relate to the fact that work or everyday stresses can get in the way of our well being. Especially as small business owners, we often prioritise work and overlook our mental and physical health.  It’s mental health awareness week and we thought it would be good to take some time out to sit down with Vashti Cassinelli, founder of The Nurturists Co. A new startup that brings together a community of ‘nurturists’ or practitioners dedicated to offering unique wellbeing experiences in beautiful and inspiring spaces.


1. Hi Vashti -

Thank you for taking the time out in this busy period of setting up to talk to us…

The Nurturists Co is a really unique idea. What inspired you to start it up?

I feel everyone needs nurture! I also feel that nurture can mean something different to us all. I wanted to create a business that offers a range of creative and inspiring experiences to help people find their own personal nurture!

2. We noticed you use the phrase ‘wellbeings’ can you explain what this phrase means to you?

I think sometimes there is a lack of vocabulary around mental health. I liked the idea of creating my own! To me, a ‘wellbeing’ is the noun that describes an individual who looks after and nurtures their emotional health!

3. What are the different services you offer people to help people become ‘wellbeings’? 

The Nurturists Co. tries to be as open-minded as possible about how to create ‘wellbeings’! So it can range from yoga, massage, to time spent in nature, listening to someone play a harp in a flower meadow, playing with clay, etc. The Nurturists brings together a community of ‘nurturists’ or practitioners dedicated to offering really unique wellbeing experiences in beautiful and inspiring spaces.

4. What is it you love about nurturing others?

I think giving nurture and care is fundamental in society and sadly often undervalued. I find giving nurture a beautiful thing and enjoy sharing my own personal ideas on nurture in the hope that it will inspire others to cherish and nurture their own emotional health and explore new ways of doings this. 

5. Why might someone want to get involved in one of the sessions or experiences ‘The Nurturists’ offer?

It’s a great opportunity to explore your personal nurture and have your soul looked after by another human being who is dedicating their time and expertise to providing a gorgeous nurturing experience for another.

6. One of the experiences you offer is the mandala flower session. What does the mandala represent to you?

For me flowers, their beauty and ephemerality, make me feel peaceful and restored. I find the process of creating a mandala a really inclusive and meditative way of getting people to play and relax with something as beautiful and natural as flowers. The ephemerality of creating something so intricate in that moment, that can blow away in the wind or biodegrade back into the earth, can help us to let go of things…the process has a lot of healing power.

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7. Why would someone want to engage with one of your experiences rather than a spa?

I think spas have their place too. But I believe there are so many incredible ways of having your soul nurtured and I wanted to inspire people with new ways through a whole network of unique and incredible nurturists.

8. What do you think Bristol community can get from The Nuturists Co?

Bristol has a wealth of incredible practitioners for wellbeings, I wanted to help give some of those amazing people I know a platform to showcase their work. As a customer I believe the website will help people to access and book from a curated community of practitioners easily on a beautiful website. It makes the whole process of finding nurture when you need it a whole lot easier!

9. Wellbeing is more talked about but mental health is less often talked about, how can we encourage people to speak more openly about this, or break down these barriers?

I think we are slowly starting to accept the need to look after our mental health and can see this through the many new wellbeing services that are emerging. I think wellbeing is another way of talking about mental health. I am totally open to the development of a new and less stigmatising vocabulary around mental health if this is what it takes to get people talking. It is not a fast process, but I think we are slowly coming to realise the importance of freeing ourselves up to talking about mental health!

9. What everyday advice can you give to people out there to take better care of their wellbeing or mental health? 

I think it is important to learn to view it in the same way as we do physical health. So treat our minds with care as we do our bodies even though we cannot see it. I think it is important for people to take a little time out each day to do something for their emotional self-care; something that makes them relaxed. Whether that’s through walking, nature, art, music, reading or taking a bath! It’s so personal for everyone.

Find out more?

The Nurturists Co will be launching in June – so keep your eyes peeled for when their website goes live. We worked with The Nurturists Co, on their logo design, website design and video.

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