Bristol’s Top 10 Indie Events For in 2017

Bristol’s Top 10 Indie Events For in 2017

Bristol is a city spoilt with cultural events and unique experiences, but who are the organisers doing it to benefit the community around them, pushing things they love?

We’ve put together our top ten events to look out for this year, so why not find out for yourself!


1. The Bearpit CIC


The Bearpit Social, Bearfruits and Bearritos have recently joined forces to form Bearpit Bristol CIC. A social enterprise set up to deliver ambitions through food, markets and events; in collaboration with organisations throughout the city to inspire the community.

After recent event, Bristol Banquet, where over 200 locals sat down to a community feast together in the centre of the Bearpit, it became clear how people could transform this space into a welcoming, safe and a unique destination (only in Bristol would you see this transformation in an underpass!). The great news is, after a successful funding application, the Bearpit CIC have plans to grow these events & activities in 2017, with the aim to create social impact for the area and inspire the community.

Find out more about their events for this year here.

2. Yoga Brunch Club


Yoga Brunch Club is a welcoming environment to both the beginner and the experienced yogi – providing yoga alongside music. Then comes the food! Collaborating with amazing chefs and the very best supper clubs in London and now Bristol – the post yoga brunches are a great way of relaxing and meeting new people.

Don’t miss their next event at The Forge on Saturday 21 January.

3. The Bristol Artisan


The Bristol Artisan is the newest addition to a portfolio of successful events organised by Designers/Makers in collaboration with cultural venues. They have a two-day weekend selling event will take place at the Arnolfini on 25-26 March and will be a highly consumer oriented and offers visitors the opportunity to meet the designers and view, buy or commission products from over 40 Designer Makers.

Find out more about their weekend event here.

4. Room 237 at Arnolfini


Room 237 a leftfield music events company launches a new event calendar with Arnolfini, for 2017.

The first show of the year is Lumiere III, a new sound and laser performance from Robert Henke AKA Monolake – A pioneer in computer-generated sound and images & one of the main creators of the music software Ableton Live.

Tickets and event information here.

5. Yonder Collective


Yonder Collective is a space for inspiration through the people you meet and the environments presented. At the table you can expect to find sparking conversations with like minded people! Every event has a unique theme featuring chosen Creatives in food, styling, photography and other ventures hosted in and by local businesses.

Sign up to their website, to find out about upcoming events this year.

6. Shake Bristol


Shake Bristol are illustration based pop-up events, featuring local artists comics, zines, t-shirts including live art battles from Neighbourhood Jam.

Don’t miss their ‘Palentines Day’ Special event here.

7. Happy Startup School


A meetup group for the new breed of entrepreneur that believes there’s more to life (and business) than making money. The Happy Startup School is all about startups that put people first and want to make a positive dent in the world who believe that happiness is the ultimate measure of success, and it also is a business model in itself.

Find out how to build your startup the happy way this year as they have recently arrived in Bristol!

Join their meetup group here.

8. Bristol Soup


Bristol Soup is made up of a bowl of soup, some bread and a vote! Essentially a pot luck style dinner funding micro-grants for community projects. There will be four pitches at the event which will be voted for by the audience.

Bristol Soup encourage and support the development of ideas and projects that will help improve the community. The aim is to bring people together who want to make a difference, engage others, have fun, be creative and make connections with their neighbours!

Don’t miss their next event at Ovo Energy.

9. The Bristol Cheesemonger’s Cheese Nights

Shop Image

Following a successful pop-up, a new indie to grace our high-streets, is The Bristol Cheesemonger. It stocks up to 100 varieties of cheese, the majority from the West Country and all from the UK. At the end of last year she started some special events, which we hope to see more of in 2017 including raclette and fondue nights.

Find out more via their Facebook.

10. Konichiwa – How To Start

File 13-10-2016, 18 28 43

Last but not least, a bit of shameless self-promotion here! But we felt this news worthy as it focuses on independent businesses in or around Bristol and we’ve got some great ones lined up from March this year.

How To Start is Bristol’s new monthly event for start-ups or people wanting to meet like minded people in our favourite indie premises.

The events will be an opportunity for start-ups, small business owners, (not excluding creatives and freelancers!) to meet other potential entrepreneurs with similar interests whilst getting advice and tips in starting a business.

Previously businesses involved include Howkapow, East Bristol Bakery, Small St. Espresso, Gopals Curry Shack & Coconut Chilli. Stay updated here




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